Order your client's depreciation schedule today and start saving them thousands!

What will happen when I order the depreciation schedule?

Once you have ordered the depreciation schedule we will:

  • confirm to you that we have received your order and advise if we require any further information from you (don't worry, we do all the property searches);
  • make arrangements to inspect the property (if necessary);
  • issue an invoice to you for payment (if required now);
  • inspect the property (if required);
  • complete and email the completed depreciation schedule to you.
What if I don't know the answers for all the questions?

If you are unsure of, or just don't know an answer, don't let that hold you up.  The first thing we will do is book the inspection and complete some desktop research.  We are happy to assist where you can't find the answers.  Some information we might be able to find online, and some we might identify through our inspection.

How long will it take to get the depreciation schedule?

After inspecting the property (if necessary), we will have the report complete within 7 business days (so long as we have all the information we have requested).

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